• TRACTION Camp is back!

    TRACTION Camp Ukraine

    Kharkiv: March 22-24, 2019
    Lviv: TBA May 2019


    TRACTION Camp launched in 2015 as a series of mini-accelerator events that bring together some of Silicon Valley's best technology and business experts with the founders of the most promising startups in Europe.


    After the previous editions, in which more than 140 startups took part, more than 50% of our participants have hired new team members, and more than 40% have raised (additional) funding for their companies.


    In 2019, TRACTION Camp is back. After successful earlier TRACTION Camp events in Ukraine, North Macedonia, Georgia, Moldova and Silicon Valley, we are returning to Ukraine to offer an unprecedented program consisting of 3 days of learning, pitching, and accelerating, starting in March 2019.

  • TRACTION Camp Ukraine: KHARKIV PROGRAM March 22-24

    Three days of learning, connecting, and dissecting your strategy and operations with leading global experts:

    Day 1: Traction essentials

    Fabrika Space, Kharkiv

    Intro pitches, strategy and biz dev, tech Q&A, business model clinic

    Day 2: Presentation essentials

    Fabrika Space, Kharkiv

    Storytelling, identifying and contacting investors, presentation skills, pitching

    Day 3: Delivery and Wrap-up Day

    Fabrika Space and Kharkiv Music Fest, Kharkiv

    Final mentoring and presentations at Kharkiv Music Fest


    TRACTION Camp will be held in Kharkiv's prime startup space, Fabrika. See below for the location:


    Meet the experts who will work with founders with at TRACTION Camp

    CTO and Angel Investor

    Los Angeles, USA

    CTO and Angel Investor

    San Francisco, USA

    Serial founder, Investor

    Tallinn, Estonia

    PR and Culture builder

    San Jose, USA

    Serial founder, Investor

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Community builder

    Riga, Latvia

    CTO and biz dev
    Boston, USA


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