• TRACTIONCamp Online Central Asia 2020

  • What is TRACTIONCamp Online?

    Entrepreneurship masterclass

    TRACTIONCamp is a tested method to bring experience-based, peer-to-peer entrepreneurship and business growth knowledge to groups of startup entrepreneurs who have launched an early version of a innovative product, and are looking for growth, sales, fundraising and scalability.


    Each TRACTIONCamp is an accelerator-style masterclass, built around the topics of sales, marketing, business strategy, and investor relations. Every topic is delivered by a well-known and experienced entrepreneur or investor from the industry, who shares their practical insights in a personal and interactive way.

    Four weeks of intensive learning and connecting

    This online program, especially designed for Central Asia is bringing the value of TRACTIONCamp in the form of four weekly, two-hour interactive webinars, for selected participants. During the four episodes, selected participants will interact with the experts, learning from their experience and getting their questions answered and challenges solved. Applications are open below.

    Eligibility requirements:

    To participate, entrepreneurs must be/have:

    • Validated idea or launched first version of product
    • Fluency in Russian (this TRACTIONCamp program will be held in Russian)
    • Living in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, or Uzbekistan
    • Complete application form at the bottom of this page, selected participants will be invited upon completing the application, and informed how to access the webinars. 
  • The episodes

    Four weeks, four immersive learning sessions:

    Week 1 - April 22

    "Building businesses, not startups"

    To grow from an idea to a business, a startup needs traction, a business plan, a clear path to revenue and profitability, and the ability to validate a workable business model. Presentation by Max Gurvits and Zhenya Rozinskiy, and discussion with guest expert Sasha Reminnyi, Ukrainian entrepreneur who founded StepShot and sold the company to global leader UIPath.

    Week 2 - April 29

    "Going global, speaking local"

    Finding clients, doing marketing and sales, and working with investors is very different between Russian-speaking countries, Europe, US, and Asia. In this episode Max Gurvits and Zhenya Rozinskiy share practical advice and personal stories as entrepreneurs and investors in different markets, joined by VC investor Zaya Kadyrova from EBRD in London, who shares her multicultural experience working with funds and companies across different geographies.

    Week 3 - May 6

    "It's all about TRACTION"

    What is traction, how do you measure it, and how to find the right methodology for marketing and sales? In this episode, Max Gurvits and Zhenya Rozinskiy present best practices for business development, closing the first deals, finding and retaining business talent, negotiating contracts, and establishing the right growth metrics for a company. Special guest Igor Ovcharenko, ex Seedstars director, joins the conversation with insights based on his experience in Europe and Central Asia.

    Week 4 - May 13

    "Understanding fundraising and investors"

    What are venture investors, which types exist in the market, how do you find them, approach them, and close a deal with them? With lots of personal experience in angel, VC, and accelerator investments, Max Gurvits and Zhenya Rozinskiy present the main aspects of successful fundraising, and are joined by Startup Wise Guys director Alexandra Balkova from Tallinn to learn about Europe’s most active accelerator program and what their advice is for getting accepted and funded.

  • The experts

    Learn from experienced entrepreneurs and investors:

    Alexa Balkova

    Tallinn, Estonia

    Director of programs at Startup Wise Guys

    Sasha Reminnyi

    Lviv, Ukraine

    Engineer and entrepreneur, exited founder

    Max Gurvits

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Serial entrepreneur and angel and VC investor

    Zaya Kadyrova

    London, UK

    INSEAD graduate and VC investor at EBRD

    Igor Ovcharenko

    Kyiv, Ukraine

    Former director at Seedstars, entrepreneur and community builder

    Zhenya Rozinskiy

    Los Angeles, USA

    Angel investor, engineering manager, product and outsourcing entrepreneur

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